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Strip or Slime: AmdreaWednesday, February 22, 2017


Strip or Slime is the game show where a wrong answer means a forfeit–the girl either loses an item of clothing or takes the slime!

A bunch of correct answers means a luxury trip somewhere nice on us.

In this episode we meet dark haired and dark skinned Brazillian model Amdrea. Unfortunately, she is slightly hampered by the fact that her English is only a bit better than our Portuguese.

Somewhat bemused and confused Amdrea, fails miserably and loses clothes and finds herself slimed… except for some reason when she gets the bonus question right–and gets to take a little revenge on our dark haired presenter naomi.

We can neither confirm or deny we fed Amdrea the answer.

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Strip Or Slime – KieraThursday, August 18, 2016



Strip Or Slime, the gameshow where a bunch of correct answers mean a prize, but every wrong answer means a choice: Lose an item of clothing or take the slime!

This episode features dark-haired and super-cute Kiera looking to win the big prize.

Dressed initially in a green blouse and short skirt, a nervous Kiera found herself facing a lot of choices and losing some clothes on the way!










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(Attempt #1) Strip Or Slime – AmberMonday, May 23, 2016




If you haven’t met Amber before, you’ve been missing out. A regular favorite at, Amber is a feisty red head with bags of attitude and a quick wit.

For all that though, she is terrible at game shows. When she told us she wanted to play Strip Or Slime because she wanted the prize of a holiday, we didn’t have the heart to put her off.

We’re also smarter than that and couldn’t wait to film Amber getting in a complete mess… both metaphorically and literally.

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Strip Or Slime – AbbeyTuesday, March 22, 2016


Legendary UK model Abigail Toyne takes her place in the chair for an episode of “Strip Or Slime” to try and win a weekend away in Paris.

Only problem is that every wrong answer takes her further from the prize and brings on a choice of forfeit–she either loses and item of clothing or takes the slime!

Fortunately for us, Abigail has a huge blonde moment and finds herself making a lot of decisions!










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Strip Or Slime – PetraThursday, February 25, 2016


In this edition of Strip Or Slime, Petra So steps up and finds herself having to make some tough decisions!

Get a question right… get a point towards the big prize. Get a question wrong, lose an item of clothing or get the slime…

As usual, a bonus question is added at the end, and if the contestant gets it right, she gets to slime the host.

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Strip Or Slime – CateTuesday, January 8, 2013

We welcome back our popular segment “Strip Or Slime” with an appearance from Cate, who is offered one hell of a prize if she wins the quiz!

She fails. Hard.

Full video available now to members!

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Strip Or Slime – PennyTuesday, June 19, 2012

Penny got in touch with us asking if she could play “Strip or Slime”. ¬†We snapped up the chance to get another pretty girl into the hot chair, but found ourselves somewhat vexed by the fact that when she got a question wrong it was no decision… she opted straight for the slime THEN went for strip once she was covered. The girl simply would not stop smiling while being slimed. Not that we are complaining, Penny has a very pretty smile!

Gunged girl - Penny

Penny Gunged

Pretty lady gunged

The full video is available for members to download now!

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Strip or Slime – Nikki LeeSunday, September 26, 2010

Nikki Lee stepped up to play “Strip Or Slime” – the game show that rewards correct answers, but a wrong answer gives the contestant the choice of losing an item of clothing… or taking the slime!

Full video available for members to download now!

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