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Slimed and ReloadedSaturday, February 13, 2010

Quick update: Jessica playing “Strip or Slime” and “Fi Unleashed: Cate” are both now available individually in the download store.

103 Fi Unleashed - Cate

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Jessie – MOTM #1Friday, February 5, 2010

We dropped a little surprise in this week. A short but VERY sweet video from the lovely video courtesy of Jessie from

Jessie is super excited to have a slot with us, hopefully Jessie’s Mess Of The Month will continue for quite a while…

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Elle Vs. Kiera – ReloadedFriday, November 13, 2009

The Elle Vs. Kiera video is now available to download from Reloaded as well as being available to Members.

Do remember Members get a choice of downloads including a HD option.

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Coming up this week…Sunday, September 20, 2009

As you may have noticed, things have been a little slow lately… this week that changes as we have a super busy week in the Area51 studios that should result in a few updates for the members.

Monday we have Ashlea paying us a visit, keen to play in a GameShow knowing our long weekend in Paris is STILL up for grabs. Also Fi Stevens is bringing her friend and model Kate in for a vote midweek. She tells us Kate is confident as she has checked the site out and realises exactly how popular Fi is and hopes the end result will be her getting to dump slime over her friend. Fun for everyone!

Except maybe the cleanup crew.

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Meet AshleaThursday, May 7, 2009

Subscribers to this messy blog will  already have recieved some very cool images in their emails already, so here we should introduce Ashlea – the latest of our rather lovely slimed girls.  Ashlea is 20 years old and a friend of a friend who called us up and with a little shyness asked if she could be slimed.  We invited her to the Area 51 studio for a quick chat on a quiet day so she could get to know us to help her relax later in front of the cameras.  As it happens, she was very cool and we all got on great straight away…  Ashlea was keen to play and we had a nice new HD camera on loan to test so we mixed up some slime and put her on the spot.

We absolutely loved Ashlea, fun, sweet and really rather hot.  We have invited her back at her own leisure, maybe to play a round of “Strip or Slime” – that weekend in Paris is still up for grabs, and she is a smart cookie…

We also loved the camera… that’s a great mix!  The video update will be up in the next day or so, and Members should see a marked improvement in picture quality straight off.  I shall be working on finding the best way to produce a true HD video to download without people having to wait days to download it.  Hopefully that should appear over the weekend –  it depends on how my mixture of research, trial and error and how much the appropriate compressing software costs works out!

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How to make slimeMonday, March 23, 2009

Making slime:  The way.

Time and time again i have been asked how to make Slime, or Gunge… whichever you like to call it.  So here it is…

You will need:  Powdered Methylcellulose, a bucket, a cup, hot water, a spoon to mix with, kids poster paint, and an attractive lady/man to taste, to pour it over.  White chair is optional.

1.  Find some Methyl Cellulose in powder form.  Generally the best place to find it is from a scientific supply store.  I can’t help you to much with that as it depends where you are, Google is your friend!

2.  You will have to experiment a little as where you get the powder affects measurements… but generally 3/4 of a cup of powder makes a nice bucket.

3.  Fill bucket with tepid water.

4.  Fill 3/4 of the cup with powder.

5.  Sprinkle the powder into the water while stirring.  Take your time as any lumps will sink to the bottom and turn to jelly.

6.  Keep stirring after the powder is all mixed in until it water starts to thicken.

7.  Keep stirring for a couple of minutes and add some poster paint, add a little at a time until you reach your desired translucency.  Poster paint is non staining as it is water based.  Double check the label, then test slime on some throw away clothing before dumping it over someone… you have been warned and we accept no resposibility.  On your own head be it, so to speak, for trying this.

8.  Leave for 10 – 15 minutes then stir again for 3 – 5 minutes.

9.  Leave overnight.  Stir again in the morning.

10.  You should now have some nice smooth slime in a lovely colour ready to dump over your target of choice.

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TwitterFriday, February 27, 2009

If you would like to follow my adventures in effectively real time, i have a twitter account to play with…

If you are not familier with Twitter, it is pretty much micro-blogging. Find out exactly what Twitter is here.

See you on the other side!

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It's a coming…Monday, January 5, 2009

Weeeeell, sorry about the time taken between posts and we hope you have had a fantastic holiday season to keep you occupied from noticing…

News is, the extended podcast #1 ending is up and available for Members, i’m not going to give too much away but… let’s just say Green Slime.

Next up and fresh out of the studio will see a new episode of “Strip or Slime” with a friend of Fi Stevens, a young lady called Lolli… and her spectacular hair! She really didn’t want goo all over her hair, but she wanted that prize enough to risk that or losing her clothes…

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Slime Challenge!Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, the banter has been flying between myself and the Kowalski Brothers… well, Bob Kowalski anyway.  Vic doesn’t tend to say much.  Or he just lets his actions and work ethics speak for themselves.  Or something.

Anyway, the banter was all about who made the best slime. or the Kowalski flagship .

After an evening in the pub a showdown was decided, we just needed a judge.  A drunkdial later and Sammie, remarkably sweetly and only slightly reluctantly given the hour and the request, agreed to be the judge…

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