Meet Ashlea

Subscribers to this messy blog will  already have recieved some very cool images in their emails already, so here we should introduce Ashlea – the latest of our rather lovely slimed girls.  Ashlea is 20 years old and a friend of a friend who called us up and with a little shyness asked if she could be slimed.  We invited her to the Area 51 studio for a quick chat on a quiet day so she could get to know us to help her relax later in front of the cameras.  As it happens, she was very cool and we all got on great straight away…  Ashlea was keen to play and we had a nice new HD camera on loan to test so we mixed up some slime and put her on the spot.

We absolutely loved Ashlea, fun, sweet and really rather hot.  We have invited her back at her own leisure, maybe to play a round of “Strip or Slime” – that weekend in Paris is still up for grabs, and she is a smart cookie…

We also loved the camera… that’s a great mix!  The video update will be up in the next day or so, and Members should see a marked improvement in picture quality straight off.  I shall be working on finding the best way to produce a true HD video to download without people having to wait days to download it.  Hopefully that should appear over the weekend –  it depends on how my mixture of research, trial and error and how much the appropriate compressing software costs works out!

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