Amber Vs. Honey – The Result

Well, it was our closest running battle yet to decide which of the girls would be slimed. We added the forum vote on the as well as the onsite one from – and Amber lost by a mere 10 votes.

The HD video version is available right now in the members area, so roll along and join if you haven’t already and fancy that little prize on your hard drive. The regular version… well, the rather sweet WMV version which is 960×720 screen size – that looks fantastic if we do say so ourselves – is in the dowload store now if you like to cherry pick at

Amber took the result in her usual easy going fashion, by sulking then declaring everyone was scared of Honey (????) and then came to the conclusion it must be because everybody loves her, which of course means she didn’t lose and she in fact won.

If you can follow her logic, then you have a finer brain than me.

Honey took full advantage, and mercilessly slimed Amber with a nice mixture of freshly made Green and Yellow slime.

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