Occasionally we release free material because we want you to see what we do, and we like to show off our slimed girls.

Please remember, it costs a lot to produce the videos we do and every membership opened or single video purchased helps us produce more. Currently we are re-releasing our last decades worth of material. We are currently planning to start shooting again early next year. So if you love slimed girls or pied girls, then buy something and help us make more videos!

We’ve had a hectic decade and shot over 300 videos. We’ve made lots of friends, and estimate we have slimed or pied over 150 girls now. From glamour models like Lucy Zara to the girls next door, we love them all. We especially love the girls that have kept coming back such as Naomi, Sammie, Naomi K, Fi Stevens, Amber and Sunni. They have become a circle of friends to us. But friends you like to tease, pour slime over and pie in the face.

We particularly love the girls that have played Strip Or Slime. We genuinely offer real prizes to them, and love to see the girls put in the position and see how far they will go. Some have obviously gone further than others but so far, only Naomi has ended up naked and slimed. She still didn’t win.

We have also enjoyed starting up PieTargets and making videos of girls being pied. It turns out that America is the best country in the world for making throwable pies. Our studio in America is always good for making a video of a girl taking a pie in the face.

So, please do go ahead and enjoy some free videos of slimed and pied girls!

How To Take A Bucket Of Slime