Strip or Slime: Amdrea (Custard Facial Edition)


Beautiful Brazilian babe Amdrea joined us to play the epic game show Strip Or Slime, where she could walk away with a great prize or an epic custard facial.

Strip or Slime is the game show where a wrong answer means a forfeit. Five correct answers out of 10 wins a luxury holiday. An incorrect answer means taking a forfeit before moving on. For the forfeit, the contestant either loses an item of clothing or takes the slime. It’s her uncomfortable choice.

In this episode we meet dark haired and dark skinned Brazillian model Amdrea. Unfortunately, she is slightly hampered by the fact that her English is only a bit better than our Portuguese.

Somewhat bemused and confused Amdrea, as we hoped, failed miserably. Her first question cost her top. The second question cost her tiny skirt.

Down to just her underwear, the third question left Amdrea with a decision: lose her bra or take a carton of thick custard over her head. She chose the custard.

Things went from bad to worse for Amdrea,and we learned she is not afraid of a custard facial. When Naomi ran out of custard there was a big gloopy bucket of slime available to get to the next question. Amdrea took the lot.

Custard Facial

Naomi was in a bit of a mean mood, we weren’t expecting her to do this to poor Amdrea!

Of course, we are fair people here at Gunge Girls.

At the end of the quiz we give the contestant a chance at revenge. A single question. If she gets it right, she gets to turn the hostess into a slimed girl. In this case there’s a single big bucket of cold, green slime.

Naomi was very confident that Amdrea wouldn’t get the final question right. It was a very difficult question, hence she was wearing an outfit she was expecting to go home in.

Still, we are not to be trusted. We managed to slip Amdrea the answer to the final question. We felt bad that she was at a disadvantage from the start, and we love to pick on Naomi. So that’s a win-win in our heads.

The look on Naomi’s face was absolutely priceless. Somehow, she did not see it coming.

After the penny had finally dropped, she did seem become a little suspicious with our cameraman. After the shooting was finished, he found himself on the receiving end of slime hug while Amdrea hit the shower.