The Slime Vote: Naomi Versus Lisa

In this edition of The Slime Vote Naomi went up against Lisa. You voted and one of the girls got slimed!

Naomi and Lisa work together quite a bit. The tension they have between them made for this excellent edition of The Slime Vote.

If you haven’t seen one of these before, the two girls make a short video appeal as to why they shouldn’t be slimed. Or why the other girl should be slimed. Or, indeed, both. We then put the video up for the general public to vote on which girl gets slimed:

A week later we reconvened with the girls, and one of them meets their messy fate.

Naomi went with the classic “she’s a pain attack,” and then turned on the cuteness to appeal for pity. Lisa went in with pure attack and claimed Naomi needed to be brought down a peg or two.

The Slime Vote Result:

On results day the girls were both a little nervous. We made plenty of green and white slime for the loser. Lisa opted to dress semi-smart and Naomi went casual with jeans and a blouse. As they stood together, the tension was palpable. Both had been acting confident, but when the moment came the nerves were on show:

slime vote

Slime Vote Decision

Unfortunately for Naomi, Lisa won by a massive margin. For the appeals video, it’s always a better tactic to go on the attack. But of course, we don’t let on at the time. That wouldn’t be fair!

Slime Vote Loser
Lisa accepted her victory with humility and class.

Naomi: Slimed Girl:

Poor Naomi was then told my Lisa to choose the color she would be limed with. It was clear then she was going to extract every little bit of enjoyment as she humiliated her friend. Naomi was worried about her hair as she had spent a long time on it, but Lisa was not impressed. She just slowly dumped the whole bucket of slime over Naomi’s head. Then gloated the whole way through Naomi’s messy humiliation.

Naomi white slimed

Once Lisa was done with the white slime, she opted for a bucket of yellow slime. She even made Naomi look at it so she would know what’s coming. We love the way Lisa thinks. Naomi’s hair, face, shirt and jeans didn’t stand a chance. Before long her shoes where in the middle of a large pool of slime.

Poor Naomi. She always seems to end up a very slimed girl.