Leylani: The Lighter Game With Pies

Pied In The Face

Meet Leylani and enjoy her playing the The Lighter Game With Pies.

Leylani jumped at the chance of betting she could win The Lighter Game With Pies by firing up our Zippo ten times on the trot to walk off with the $100 prize. Then as a bonus, she would get to put a nice thick pie in the face of our girl Sunni.

Of course, if the lighter fails just once in those ten tries, then she takes the pies. All the big, thick and creamy pies in her face.

Unfortunately, Leylani failed on the first try. Yes, the very first try. And as you can see, Sunni was completely unsympathetic. She was standing there with a pie at the ready just waiting for Leylani to mess it up. With a cry of “Fail!” she just slapped that thick, gooey pie right in the poor girls face.

The Lighter Game With Pies As The Forfeit

Sunni went right ahead and delivered ten pies of many colors straight into Leylani’s face. I think you’ll agree she makes a very cute pied blond girl.

Leylani had come an awful long way to play, and we felt a little bad. So we put Sunni on her knees and found a bucket of thick, white cake batter someone had made just in case. She dumped it over Sunni’s head with pure delight.

Of course, we couldn’t let such a lovely lady off with just a bucket of slime over her head. Luckily we made a couple of spare pies just in case of mishaps. Funny enough, there was also an already opened tin of vanilla pudding. It would have been a shame for that not to go over her head as well…

Poor Sunni, she nearly always ends up on the receiving end, even when she’s only supposed to be dishing it out. We’re sure you don’t mind though.