Strip Or Slime: Amber (Attempt #2)

Amber played Strip Or Slime once before and, well, it didn’t go well for her. She demanded to have another chance so we brought her back.

Strip Or Slime is a game show. The contestent has the chance to win a holiday by answering a set amount of questions correctly. However, when they get a question wrong they have to perform a forfeit to get to the next question. Amber faces a choice here. She can either lose an item of clothing or take the slime.

We were excited to have Amber back because, frankly, she sucks at game shows. We genuinely offer the holiday, but at no point did we think she would win it. No matter how much she told us she was going to.

Amber isn’t a professional model, so she’s not about taking her clothes off for the camera. So we were looking forward to seeing how far she would be willing to go before she took the slime. She had obviously just come from the hair salon as her red hair looked amazing. It was inevitable she would bottle out of stripping at some point.

We got lots of custard in specially.

Strip Or Slime

Amber made it to her underwear before she lost her nerve. Inevitably, she got a question wrong and it was a choice between losing her bra and a bucket of custard over her head.

Strip Or Slime

It almost seemed a shame making a mess of that cute underwear. Key word: Almost.

Amber started making a complete mess of the remaining questions. By the time the pink slime came out Honey was having a blast destroying poor Amber.

Amber was way in over head. And more slime and custard was going over her head. Amber was destroyed before she reached the last question. Her confident and borderline arrogant tone had gone, and she was turned into a half naked gloopy mess. And we love her for it.

Stripped And Slimed

Strip Or Slime - Amber