Double the Cream Pies In This Double Bill For Dierdre

We bring you… a smoking-hot California blonde taking a bet. We handed her friend a bunch of pies for if it all goes wrong. The end result is Diedre being pasted with big, thick cream pies!

In this episode of the lighter game, our host broke down on the way to the studio. Thankfully, Dierdre had brought a friend willing to step up. A friend more than willing to push thick cream pies in Dierdres face if she loses.

The rules of The Lighter Game are simple. Light the Zippo lighter ten times in a row to win $100. However, if the lighter fails at any point then the contestant forfeits her dignity and gets pied in the face.

Dierdre and cream pies

Dierdre was on a good roll before it failed, and her friend was quick on the draw to get that pie in the face. We had ten pies lined up, and poor Dierdre took the lot. There was no sympathy given – just slammed into the pretty blonds face. Just when she managed to catch her breath, the onslaught continued.

Part two features Dierdre offering to take a pie sandwich in a second round of filming fun. She had recovered from her earlier pasting and wanted more! We told her that isn’t a problem if she could take it. Her friend was happy to deliver a thick, heavy pie sandwich and then smear it all in before unloading the rest of the pies on the table into the girls face.

Then she topped those thick cream pies off with a gallon of sticky syrup we just happened to have laying around.

Dierdre had talked a big game, and the video is documentation she was able to take everything we could throw at her!


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