The Slime Vote: Fi Stevens Vs. Charlie Atwell

Fi and Charlie went up against each other in The Vote, the result was a girl slimed in her bikini.

The Vote is a simple concept. We take two girls and they make a short plea to video each. They can explain why they shouldn’t be slimed, or why the other girl should be slimed; or both. We then put it out and the public votes. The girls reconvene a week later at the studio. That’s when we end up with one clean girl and one girl slimed.

To up the ante, the girls decided that the girl that got slimed would wear nothing but a bikini. We had exactly zero problem with that. A girl slimed in her bikini is fine by us!

Fi went for an unusual approach in her plea. She just flat out wanted to pour slime over Charlie. Charlie made a bad call by reminding us she’s the new girl, and should be left alone.

The Result: A girl slimed

This was one of our most popular votes yet Poor Charlie made a bad call and found herself in the chair to meet her messy fate.

As you can see, Fi was very happy with the result. She escaped the slime and had a brunette in a bikini to pour thick gloop over.

Slimed girl in a bikini

Charlie had never been slimed before. We asked her afterward why she went for a bikini that showed so much cleavage. She told us that she was quietly confident she would win, however if she didn’t she wanted to put on a good show. Fi being Fi, she went straight for pouring slime all over Charlie big boob. Charlie’s charlies, if you like.

Fi took her time to completely destroy poor Charlie. While pouring it over her lovely boobs she made sure some spattered in Charlie’s dark hair.

Girl slimed in her bikini

Once she had glooped Charlie’s cleavage Fi went for a nice long pour over her head. She made sure her hair was covered and then made sure Charlie got a nice slime facial.  Our camera man was more than happy to give as some lovely close ups of our slimed girl.

Girl slimed in a bikini

Bring out the bucket of slime:

After another glazing of goo, Fi decided to give Charlie the rest of the bucket of yellow slime. Straight over her head. By now, Charlie was dripping with slime. But there was plenty left and Fi was not letting Charlie Atwell off the hook. We understand. If anyone had one of Britains favorite page 3 girls at their mercy, they would make sure she was a properly gunged girl.

Bikini Girl Slimed cleavage

Gunged cleavage

This video can also be purchased on its own here.