Strip Or Slime – Amber – Slimed Red Head



If you haven’t met Amber before, you’ve been missing out. Before playing Strip Or Slime, we already knew Amber is a feisty slimed red head with bags of attitude and a quick wit.

For all that though, she is terrible at game shows. When she told us she wanted to play Strip Or Slime because she wanted the prize of a holiday, we didn’t have the heart to put her off.¬†We’re also smart enough to not put her off. We couldn’t wait to film Amber getting in a complete mess… both metaphorically and literally. We love a slimed red head.

Strip Or Slime is exactly what it sounds like. The contestant is asked a series of questions. If she gets enough right, she wins the holiday. We are not messing around here. We offer a full on holiday for anyone that gets enough questions right.


However, for every incorrect answer the contestant has to choose between losing an item of clothing or being slimed. Amber is not a professional model, so she is not used to showing off her body for a camera, so she took as much slime as possible before she finally dared lose her top. Now she’s a proper slimed red head. Her beautiful long, thick red hair was sacrificed to the slime…

Slimed red head

Slimed Red Head

… but soon enough she was done with being slimed and opted to lose her top. We knew she had a great body, and finally we got to appreciate it! The perfect slimed girl.


We had made sure the slime was nice and cold, and eventually it got to her. Off came the trousers and Amber was left in her cute underwear dripping with cold yellow and green slime.

Amber failed miserably, but we love her for it. She has huge nerve, but sucks at game shows. We look forward to her return. We also look forward to her failing again and being turned into a smoking hot slimed mess!