Strip Or Slime: Naomi

Naomi has been hosting our game shows for sometime. Much as she loves pouring slime over girls, she was bugging us for a crack at winning a prize.

We don’t skimp on the prizes, so it’s no¬†surprise she fancied having a go. We love slime over girls. Also, we also know Naomi is smart. So knowing she had a real chance, we offered her a slot playing Strip Or Slime. If it was going to cost us a holiday, then we wanted her to risk total humiliation.

She had to get five questions right. However, every wrong answer means paying a forfeit to get to the next question. The contestant gets to choose one of two forfeits to move on. She can either lose an item of clothing, or be slimed.

We wanted Naomi to have a tough time deciding. And we wanted her naked. So we cooked up some difficult questions to answer under pressure, and told Naomi how cold the slime was. In fact, we made sure she saw us pull on of the buckets out of the fridge.

Naomi was confident, but like we said, she is also smart. She made sure part of her outfit was a nice big belt. That came of quicker than she expected.

She had two questions right before she stumbling on an easy on. Naomi made her decision, and the rules clearly¬†state that shoes don’t count.

When Naomi couldn’t tell us what year Gunge Girls started, she knew she was in trouble. We knew she was in even more trouble. Lisa is a good friend of Naomi, and also loves to pour slime over girls. In particular she loves pouring slime over Naomi. The idea of sliming a naked Naomi delighted her. She was the one that actually suggested we refrigerate a bucket of slime.

It started going very wrong for Naomi.

The skirt came of next, leaving Naomi in her ‘lucky underwear’. Usually this is where the girls start having the hardest time deciding what to do. And usually this is where they decided to take the slime and retain a little of their dignity. But normally the slime isn’t refrigerated.

It turned out her underwear wasn’t as lucky as she thought it was. Well, if she had kept it on, she may have not been on the recieving end of the coldest slime. We’ll never know though…

Now the pressure is on. Naked Naomi can only take the slime for another wrong answer. Then she got another question wrong.

Slime over girls

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