GungeGirls In America: Slimed Girl Star

We had never made cake batter slime before, so we found ourselves a willing victim and made ourselves a cake batter slimed girl.

America is the land of the free. The land of opportunity. California is the Land of smoking hot blond. And now the smoking hot blond slimed girl.

We met Star at a friends BBQ, and when we told her about our videos she was amused. She kept asking questions, so we told her to swing by and help us set up the new studio.

We were surprised when she showed up the very next day. She even brought a bag of spare clothes, and told us she wanted pink slime. We only had yellow cake batter mixture. So she jumped in her car and went to the store and came back with boxes of pink cake batter.

That’s when we fell in love with star. Our new favori

te soon-to-be slimed girl.

Slimed Girl

Star knew it was coming. But she still gave a little shriek of surprise as the pink slime landed on her head.

She only got enough batter for one bucket of pink slime. But we, of course made plenty of yellow slime to follow. Star giggled her way through the lot, and the slime got thicker each time. If fell thick and fast enough to nearly cause a wardrobe malfunction. But Star’s dignity remained intact.

Well. Sort of intact.

Slimed Girl

Slimed girl - Thick slime facial

Pretty Slimed Girl

Slimed Girl

With he hair, clothes and body dripping in slime there was only one way to finish her off. America has the best pies, and we like a girl pied in the face. We had cooked up an experimental Kool Whip pie, and we let in fly. It smacked star perfectly in the face. Complete with an appreciative “oooh!” from Star.

Girl pied in the face

One pie is great. Two pies are better. What’s better than two pies? Yes, three thick, creamy pies in the face for star!