The Vote: Naomi Vs. Petra So

Naomi wants to see Petra slimed. Petra wants to see Naomi slimed. That can only mean a vote followed by one of the girls getting slimed by the other.

We love an episode of The Vote. We take two girls, each makes a video appeal for why they shouldn’t be slimed or the other one should be. Then we open a pole for you to decide which girl gets the slime. One walks away clean, while the other suffers messy humiliation at the hands of the other.

A week after the appeals release, we brought the girls back to the studio. Both girls were confident they wouldn’t be the ones you voted to slime. So someone was about to meet disappointment. And a lot of slime.

When they arrived, both girls showed their confidence by putting a lot of skin on display. Petra went with a boob-tube, which with the heavy slime can be a recipe for a wardrobe malfunction. Naomi went for the uber-cute look. A tied up t-shirt and her hair up in bunches.

The tension started to mount as the girls saw the five buckets of green gloop waiting for the looser. Unfortunately for Petra, Naomi got to do the victory dance.

A very excited Naomi sat Petra down while laying on the fake sympathy. Then picked up a nice big bucket of green slime to dump on poor little Petras head. Time for slimed Petra:

After tormenting Petra for a moment, Naomi went for the full slime dump over her head. Naomi was in a merciless mood and straight away the second bucket was unleashed. Poor Petra found herself alternately screaming and giggling.

Petra slimed

Petra - slimed girl

Petra slimed in green.

By now, Naomi was being so mean and unforgiving we almost felt sorry for poor, very slimed Petra. The key word though, is almost. We didn’t do anything to stop Naomi from having the time of her life destroying poor Petra.