Strip or Slime: Cate

Cate stepped up to play Strip or Slime to try and win a trip on the Orient Express, but it didn’t go quite as well as she hoped.

There’s a certain stereotype that comes with being a big-boobed blond, and we love Cate because she lives up to the best of them. She’s a lot of fun, very pretty and giggles a lot. She breaks stereotype by being rather smart, but it didn’t help her here.

Strip or Slime Cate

She took the slime until she couldn’t take anymore and we got to see some of those sexy clothes come off.

Cate gets slimed.

Slimed girl Cate

Slimed girl Cate.

Did she win her trip on the Orient Express? Ummm… we’re not going to tell, but she did get well and truly slimed.