Chubby Teen Alais loses all her clothes for a fiver

This month in Custard Corner; chubby but cute teen Alias, pops over with her boyfriend, and risks getting sticky and naked for a fiver, in our gameshow; ‘clothes or custard’.

Last month we told you how, every now and then, a contestant turns up on our doorstep with their boyfriend or husband in tow, and it quickly becomes obvious that they’ve been talked into appearing in front of our cameras by their pervy partner, who wants nothing more than to see his teen girl get gunged. And we can understand that.

Well, this month it only happened again!

Fortunately, eigh teen year old Alais (pronounced Alice) was as keen as she is cute. We don’t care that she’s curvier than the average girl. As those massive teen boobs bounced around in our tub, we couldn’t wait to get pouring custard. Although at one point she did seem really disappointed that she might not end up getting naked!

As you know, we don’t actually care about nudity here on gungegirls – all we want to see, is a pretty girl, teen or otherwise, covered in custard.

So did that happen?

Of course!

Pretty soon there was chilled custard everywhere!


Well, we wanted to give you the best reaction possible – and Alais didn’t fail to deliver.

As you can see for yourself, in this month’s video.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Alais?
Well you can as she hops into the shower
and we keep the cameras rolling!
Check out our bonus section: What Happened Next.