Kelly and Lisa: Two Slimed girls

Two Slimed girls

When two fresh and lovely ladies showed up to the studio wanting to do something different, we ended up with two slimed girls and this wonderful photoset.

We met Kelly and Lisa at the studio we used to hire. They’re two models that work together a lot, and wanted to try something different. It probably doesn’t get much different than pouring custard over each other, and after shooting with another photographer they hung around to play. The end result is two slimed girls, a couple of hundred high resolution pictures and a lot of grins.

Two Slimed girls - Kelly and Lisa

We tossed a coin to see who went first, and that’s Kelly in the hot seat being doused by a bucket of yoghurt after being tormented with cartons of custard.

Two Slimed girls

Of course, we switched them up and Kelly decided Lisa would look even better with a trifle on her head.