Jamie’s Messy Bikini Custard Time!

When Jaime told us she wanted to show off her body, she showed up to the studio in a tiny bikini, and we showed up with cartons of custard!

She’s blond, smoking hot with big boobs. And that’s just the highlights before you get to know Jaime. She’s smart, sexy and has an irrepressible sense of fun, particularly when the gunge comes out. If you ever want to slime the perfect girl, Jamie must be high on the list if she’s not at the top.

The thing is, she knows it. That’s why this video exists. It was her idea to sit down in her bikini and gunge herself nice and slow. And who the hell are we to say no? And because we’re nice and we know she loves a good strawberry yoghurt, we added some nice big pots to the gooey spread.

Sexy girl in a bikini covered in custard

Of course, with boobs like hers, Jaime couldn’t resist showing them off. Or her lovely long legs. In fact, every part of her ended up covered in lashings of the UK’s favorite custard. Jamie deserves nothing but the best, of course.

Big boobs, sexy girl in a bikini covered in custard