Game Show: Strip or Slime with Petra So

Petra So plays the gameshow where a wrong answer can cost and item of clothing or a complete loss of dignity.

She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s one of the UK’s favorite glamour models. She’s also trying to win a weekend in Paris while staying nice and clean.

Unfortunately, things don’t go smoothly for her. When she gets a question wrong she gets to choose¬†whether she loses and item of clothing or gets the slime. The questions are tough, and Petra’s expressive eyes give us a window into just how tough the decisions she makes are.

Petra So strip

Petra So stripping

Petra So gunged

Petra So slime facial

Petra ended up slimed. However, as a little bonus to give a girl that has failed to stay clean, our host, Naomi, has to ask a final question. If the contestant gets it right, the host gets slimed. The contestant got it right…

Naomi slimed

Do we feel bad for Naomi?

No. And you shouldn’t either!