Custard Corner – Anna and Lilly; two girls get naked and sticky in a bath full of custard

Anna returns to Custard Corner again this month, but brings with her grunge goddess Lilly, and the two girls play clothes or custard. But who will end up naked (spoiler: both of them!), who will get covered in custard (spoiler: both of them!), …and who… will win the money?

So a couple of months back, nervous newbie Anna wandered into our lair, sat in our bath, and had a stab at winning the clothes-or-custard big cash prize. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you what happened, but a few days later she sent us a message asking if she could come back!

Well, we said we’d be delighted… if she could bring a friend, because after all, what’s better than one naked hot girl covered in custard? Two girls, naked and hot, covered in custard! Am I right? or am I right?

So this month we want to introduce you to grumpy grunge-goddess Lilly. Part of the reason Lilly looks a bit pissed off is because her so-called friend didn’t really tell her what was going to happen! “Oh, it’s just a silly game,” said Anna. “We each take turns picking envelopes until one of us wins a couple of hundred quid! Simples!”

“So why’s it called clothes or custard?” asked Lilly. At least that’s what she should have said.

Anyway, as you can see, there was a LOT of custard. TONS! Far more than usual. And there weren’t many clothes. In fact the whole no-nudity rule we have here at Gunge Girls seems to have gone right out the window. Sorry about that. We’ll try harder next month. (Spoiler: No we won’t.)

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