Slim Kim washes off the sticky custard in the shower

Want to know more about Skinny Girl Kim? Want to know ‘What Happened Next’? We kept our cameras rolling as she jumped into our shower, and soaped her slim body…

We like dancers here at GungeGirls. We’ve had all sorts of girls in Custard Corner over the years, working in all sorts of industries; hair dressers, flight attendants, glamour models… but of them all, the dancers are the most friendly, the most slim, and the least likely to be phased by a hundred personal questions whilst they take a shower in front of a total stranger.

For instance, we ask Slim Kim, what kind of dancer is she? (Answer: Street Dance)

Was the custard cold? (Answer: Yes)

Also: Just how slim is she? How big are her boobs? What part of her body gets the most compliments?
Why the bow and her other tattoos? Did she study to be a dancer? (This one really surprised us.)

And was this the strangest thing she’s ever done?

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