Skinny Girl Kim plays Clothes or Custard

Super Skinny Girl Kim joins us in Custard Corner and risks getting sticky and naked for a big cash prize. Welcome to another edition of; ‘clothes or custard’.

Bonjour custard fans! It’s that time again, when we lure another pretty girl into Custard Corner and promise her the chance to win a few quid, simply by selecting envelopes at random, with absolutely nothing to lose… well, apart from her clothes, and her dignity, and the ability to look at a bowl of custard in quite the same way again.

This time we bring you the lovely Kim! Kim’s a ‘street dancer’ from Essex (we’re not entirely sure what that is), and she has the perkiest pair of tits on the most lithe body we’ve ever seen (and we’ve been doing this a loooonnggg time). In other words, she’s a skinny girl AND she’s got boobs. How is that even possible? And who cares! All you really want to know is… did she get covered in custard?

Well of course she did!

And did she lose all her clothes?

Of course she did!

But did she win the big cash prize?

Find out for yourself, in this month’s brand new video.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Kim and her super slim body?
Well you can, as she jumps into the shower
and we keep the cameras rolling!
Check out our bonus section: What Happened Next.