Brenda gets her big bouncy boobs covered in custard

Beautiful Brenda gets her big bouncy boobs covered in custard, as she strips off all her clothes in Custard Corner. Yep – it’s an all new, exciting episode of; ‘clothes or custard’.

Welcome back custard fans! This month we’ve enticed another gorgeous girl into our custardy lair, by offering her the chance to win a few quid simply by selecting envelopes at random – what could possibly be easier? 

We present to you the lovely Brenda – as smiley and as beautiful, as her boobs are big and bouncy. (In my head that sounded more poetic than pathetic.)

The rules are pretty simple. Seven sealed envelopes contain three possible scenarios.
Scenario one: Brenda wins the big cash prize.

Scenario two: Brenda loses an item of clothing.

And finally scenario three: Brenda gets covered in custard!

And if we run out of custard, well it’s game over for Beautiful Brenda, and her big boobs bounce no more.

(Actually, we’re pretty sure those boobs would bounce, regardless of whether we have custard or not…)

As you can see for yourself, in this month’s brand new video.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Brenda and her big bouncy boobs?
Well you can, as she bounces into the shower
and we keep the cameras rolling!
Check out our bonus section: What Happened Next.