The Vote: Cate Gets to See Fi Stevens Gunged.

Fi Stevens gunged

In this episode of The Vote, it’s a very close result but only one girls gets slimed, and Cate got to see Fi Stevens gunged.

The Vote is one of our most popular shows. We put two girls who would like to see the other one slimed up against each other. They record a video appeal as to either why they shouldn’t be slimed, or why the other should. Or both, whatever they feel they should do. Cate really wanted Fi Stevens gunged. Fi was hoping she could actually get out of our studios clean for once.

A week later, we meet in the studio. The votes are tallied while the girls wait, knowing one of them is about to be slimed, and the other is about to have a lot of fun. The nerves were palpable in the room as the tension ratcheted up.

Fis Stevens about to be slimed.

Fi lost. A very happy Cate got to do the messy deed herself. She got to pour the gunge over Fi’s pretty red hair.

Cate escaped despite have not been slimed before. And she really enjoyed torturing Fi. We would have loved to see the fun lovin’ blond with a fantastic cleavage dripping with slime for the first time, but Fi getting destroyed with goo is always satisfying.

Unfortunately, the orange slime was a bit cold. We say unfortunately, but it does get a good shriek! Particularly when someone is gleefully mean enough to pour it down her back.

Fi Stevens Slime Facial

Fi Stevens Slimed

Fi Stevens yellow and orange slimed

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