Two MILFs Get Messy

Two MILFs get messy! Karen and Leigh go head-to-head in Custard Corner, as we play another round of our popular game show; ‘clothes or custard’.

Last month we caused a bit of a stir by putting TWO hot girls (Pebbles and Frankie) in our  bath tub, and getting them to pit their wits against each other in order to avoid losing what few items of clothing they were wearing… or getting dunked in CUSTARD.

It was, as you’d expect, ten minutes of custardy chaos.

The video proved so popular that this month we decided to root through the custard-corner archives and find another two-girl, custard video, which we know will raise your collective temperatures to a similar degree.

Please welcome back Karen (that’s her on the left with the cheeky smile) and her bosomy pal Leigh (on the right, with possibly the biggest boobs you are EVER likely to see).

If you’re a long-time member of then these two girls might seem familiar. You might be thinking “haven’t I seen these girls before?”

And that might be because long before these lovely ladies became the gorgeous MILFs that they are today (or as I like to call them MILCCs – mothers I’d like to cover in custard) they used to take part in our more slimey, gungey videos. Check out the classic archives and see if you can find them.

But back to today. If you’re a fan of the slightly older, a lot cheekier, more womanly woman – getting messy and causing mayhem – then you are going to LOVE this video.

Download the video now.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Karen & Leigh?
Well you can, as they jump in the shower together…
and we keep the cameras rolling!
Check out our bonus section: What Happened Next.