Two Hot Girls Covered In Custard

TWO hot girls enter Custard Corner; Frankie and Pebbles go head-to-head in this sticky, messy, chaotic and extra custardy edition of; ‘clothes or custard’.

Hola custard fans! This month in Custard Corner we managed to persuade not one, but TWO hot girls, into our den of custardy chaos.

Frankie (that’s the girl on the right with the impressive bust) has been here before, back in the days when we just put a girl in the bath, and tipped one single bowl of custard over her head. Weirdly, she was quite keen to make a return visit, and so we told her that we’d be more than happy to see her again… if she could bring a friend.

Which of course she did!

Please welcome bubbly blonde Air Hostess Pebbles (possibly not her real job, or her real name).

Having two hot girls in the tub, and a shed load of custard to pour, creates all kinds of exciting possibilities, so we decided to try a two-girl version of our popular ‘game show’, clothes or custard.

To be honest there seems little point in explaining the rules as within a few minutes it became pretty obvious that they didn’t really make any sense, and the girls weren’t actually listening anyway.

Over the course of ten minutes we quickly ended up with two hot girls – naked, and covered in custard. It’s hard to concentrate on ‘game rules’ in a situation like that.

But the final few seconds are what really makes this video one of the best we’ve ever shot.

Find out for yourself… download the video now.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Frankie & Pebbles?
Well you can, as they jump in the shower together
and we keep the cameras rolling!
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