Lucy Zara Messy in Pink and Goo

Lucy Zara slips into something pink, and slips on something very messy. The end result is Lucy Zara messy!

In this photo set, we see Lucy Zara at her finest. Well, that’s a tough call, but we see her playing to the camera and getting very messy indeed with custard, cream, yoghurt and pies. A very sweet mix for a very sexy lady.

Lucy Zara Messy.

Clocking in at over 200 high resolution photos, this is a picture set for the ages. Lucy doesn’t hold back as she gets the chance to something at complete odds with the rest of her modeling career – Completely ruin herself. In other words, Lucy Zara messy!

At what point in a high profile modeling career does a girl get to put a trifle on her head?

Lucy Zara messy trifle.

Or put a big, thick pie in her face?

Lucy Zara pie in the face.

Eventually Lucy’s dress comes off and the treats just get bigger…

Lucy Zara Sploshing.