Gunge Girls Presents: Multi-Coloured Ashlea

Offer Sammie a pretty girl and some fun colored batter to pour over her, and she’s signing up for the job here at Gunge Girls.

She always takes great pride in her work, and that’s something we value here at Gunge Girls.¬†Ashley in her crop top and jeans took her sliming like a champ. Sammie went for a nice frothy turquoise cake batter to start with. She doesn’t rush as she pours that followed by a nice thick pink slime all over Ashlea.

Ashlea becomes a slimed girl.

Sammie slimes Ashlea.

Sammie knows what she’s doing and enjoying ¬†not being in the chair herself. She knows that we all want to see Ashleas lovely stomach coated in thick batter. Sammie lays it on nice and thick, then decides Ashlea should be two-tone.

When Sammie gunged Ashlea.

Ashlea is gunged by gunge girls.