Two Tone Cate – Green And Orange Slimed Girl


Sometimes we get ideas above our stations. In this case we thought a slimed girl would look awesome if we poured a different color slime on each side.

If you’re going to focus on a slimed girl, that girl may as well be Cate. She’s blond, so the color stands out. She’s pretty so the end result should look good. She smiles a lot and makes us laugh, so it should be fun.

We went with the classic colours for slime; green and orange.




As you can see, our master slime maker was off their game that day. The orange came out a little thinner than we would like to slime a girl with. But, we carried on because it’s still slime, and Cate.




The green slime however, that came out perfect. Thick, bright and gooey. As you can see, that brightened up Cate a lot. It brought out her big smile, and covered her boob nicely.





tSlimed Girl Cate

The result wasn’t quite what we were looking for, and Cate agreed. We had plenty of green left, so whether she thought it was a good idea or not, we dumped it over Cates head.  We think you’ll agree she looks amazing covered in slime. Whether its thick or thin, green or orange Cate is one of our favorites. We wish every day in the office could look like this!


Slimed Girl Cate

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