Amber Slimed with Lovely Thick Custard

Girl slimed with custard

When we decided we needed an introduction video for, Amber volunteered and was coated in custard for her troubles.

Amber has great presence, interacts with a camera beautifully. She also the added bonus of being pretty. So when we came to shoot a short introduction to the site she was the obvious choice. We found some our favorite thick custard, and went to work!

Amber - a girl covered in custard

Amber, girl coated in thick custard


This video really captures how much fun it is to work with Amber and how much fun she has being slimed, and features what’s probably our best slime facial footage yet. Amber is pretty much fearless!

Amber with her hair completely coated in custard.

We needed to keep the initial custard pour going for a while. For editing it’s good to have longer than you think you need. Maybe not this long, but it’s Amber and we had a lot of custard.

Amber gets a custard facial

Also, dedicated. Amber spent ages with makeup and brought along her favorite dress to wear, putting a massive effort to look her best knowing she would be the face of for quite a while!

Custard covered girl

Just to make sure we were catching everything, we also ran a second camera:

Amber coated in custard

This is the extended version of the introduction. We weren’t done with Amber by a long shot.¬†We asked Carla to slime her as well. To this day we don’t know how the slime got there… but Carla was more than happy to ‘help us’. We sat Amber down and handed over a bucket of slime to Carla.

Cute girl slimed.

At this point, Ambers perfect hair, makeup, dress and shoes are destroyed. And we weren’t done with her yet. Poor Amber endured more slime, including an epic slime facial.

Amber takes a Slime Facial

But we still weren’t done with poor Amber. We had her open her dress so Carla could pour cold slime and custard inside. Because we’re mean, and we love Amber!