Kiera Vs. Elle – Two Girls Slimed.



We invited Elle over to watch her friend Kiera get slimed. We also invited Kiera over to see her friend Elle get slimed. In reality, we were planning on having two girls slimed in the studio.

So, we invite you to watch this super-fun video of two girls slimed with our trademark green and yellow slime!

Neither girl was expecting to be slimed. Red head Elle showed up wearing a pair of white shorts and a super cute form hugging pink vest. Black haired Kiera turned up in a short white skirt and her multi colored summer tank top.

Kiera got the first shock as she found herself deluged with orange slime, much to the amusement of Elle who sat opposite to enjoy the show. Kiera certainly wasn’t expecting the thick, orange slime to start falling on her head.






Ellie was delighted to see her friend take buckets of orange slime. You can she was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction. When she started mocking Kiera, she obviously didn’t know what was coming her way.








Once we were done with Kiera, it was time to make sure we had our intended two girls slimed. Kiera was deluged with orange slime, so we had a nice thick green slime for Ellie. The first bucket was unceremoniously dumped on her head. Instant slimed girl!




Once Ellie realised what we had planned and the game was up, she took it like a trooper. Ellie is a favorite because she is not afraid of a thick slime facial. She may pout her way through the slime, but we all know she is having fun. She knows she’s sexy, and we love her looking like this!


Two Girls Slimed

Of course we weren’t completely done with Kiera, there was plenty of green gunge to go around. A green slime facial seemed like the right thing to give her.


Elle and Kiera - two girls slimed
The end result: two girls slimed