Custard Corner – inked and tattooed Sophia gets covered in lumpy custard

This week in Custard Corner, inked Sophia, gets her tattoos covered up… with custard!

We know we’re not exactly mainstream here on – and that’s okay. Who the **** wants to be normal? So I suppose it’s not really surprising that a good number of the girls who walk through our door have tattoos. But few, if any, can hold a candle to Sophia. She is one painted lady!

Oddly, after giving us a brief tour of her bodily artwork, most of which must have hurt like hell, she was extremely nervous about the bucket of custard that we’d lovingly warmed up for her. Maybe that’s why she ate a bowlful before she got in the bath?

Did she get over her fears? You can find out, in today’s custardy video.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Sophia? Much MUCH more??
Well you can as we keep the cameras rolling and show you previously unseen footage
in our bonus section: What Happened Next.