Strip or Slime – Anita


We welcomed Anita to the Area 51 studio this week, a friend of a friend that heard about the GameShow and fancied the prize – the luxury weekend in Paris.  A prize incidentally that does exist, we genuinely have the cash set aside for the first girl that gets 5 out of 10 questions correct.

Anita turned out to be an ever so sweet young lady, and knew what she was risking taking part… losing some or being slimed!  She thought it was worth it and went ahead… although when she laid eyes on the slime for the first time we could see she was questioning her decision!  However, we gave her an out and she decided she was in…

Unfortunately for poor Anita she got the very first question wrong!  And with the slime sitting next to her, knowing it was either the gloopy green gunk over her head and the very cute dress she was wearing or lose an item of clothing she took her time deliberating which it should be… although confident, with every reason, about her body Anita is not an exhibitionist and became quite shy until the gunge was shown to her close up, and off came her cardigan.  The first of a few decisions she had to make in her bid to take away the holiday…

The full video is of course in the members area now!

Also i have set up an iPod feed for the podcast so it can be delivered in a movie format nicely suited!

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