Fi Unleashed.

About to be slimed

If you have been following from early on you will recognise the rather happy looking lady as Fifi (Fi to her friends) from some of our first videos. We heard she is back in town for a while, so invited her over to shoot an episode of “Fi Unleashed” – the popular irregular series where we unleash Fi on someone with the express instructions “Make a mess!”.

So of course Fi Stevens is ALWAYS up for an episode of “Fi Unleashed” and was excited to see her friend Fi again. Unfortunately we forgot to tell Miss Stevens¬†(Selectively forgot?) ¬†that the other Fi would be presenting this show by way of a welcome back.

Poor Fi hadn’t planned on getting messy, and unfortunately hadn’t brought a change of clothes. Much to Fifi’s delight.

Slimed Girl

Slimed Girls

Girl Slimed

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