Slime Vote: Amber Versus Honey


We took two close friends and put them up against each other in a slime vote: One would be slimed, one would walk away nice and clean.

The slime vote is simple. Each girl makes a video appealing as to why they should not be slimed. Or why the other should be slimed. We then posted the appeals online and left it up to fans of gunged girls to decide who should be on the receiving end of a gooey fate. Amber is the hot red head, and Honey is the super cute brunette.

A week after the vote had ended, we reconvened the girls in our studio. They didn’t know the result, and we had prepared buckets of yellow and green slime for the loser. The girls were a little nervous, but excited at the prospect og getting to pour slime over the other.



Poor Amber lost. But either way, we all won. Getting to see a genuine redhead slimed is always a thrill. When it’s Amber who’s being slimed though, we always feel like justice is being done. She loves to play up for the camera, and when she does that a little bot of arrogance comes out. There’s nothing like a slime vote to dispense a little fun justice.




As you can see by her smile, Honey was absolutely delighted to put Amber in the chair. There was a big rivalry over this, and the stakes are high – total humiliation by slime.

The Slime Vote: Amber Vs. Honey
Honey wins the slime vote



Honey absolutely loved dumping the yellow and green slime over Amber. After some grumbling and pouting though, Amber started to realise she’s the centre of attention.





Bucket after bucket of slime. Then a beautiful slime facial for Amber. Were not sure anyone can take a slime facial like her. Shoulders back, face up and then she takes it like a woman.

A big slime facial
Gunge Girl Amber takes a huge slime facial.