Kiera is Mercilessly Slimed by Jess

If you’re going to pick a girl to be mercilessly slimed by Jess, her friend Kiera jumps to mind…

Kiera manages to mix cute and hot together, and when you add slime she just gets better. And when she is Mercilessly Slimed by Jess, things just get better. Particularly with a strapless dress and thick, heavy slime.

Slimed girl Kiera

Kiera being mercilessly slimed

Slimed girl

Jess was so excited to nail Kiera with gloop, she showed up early and brought us coffee. We returned the favor and provided her with seriously thick and slightly cold slime to torture Kiera with.

Everything then got more entertaining when Kiera’s dress started to malfunction under the weight of that thick, heavy slime…

Kiera - girl slimed and wardrobe malfunction

Kiera gunged - wardrobe malfunction

Slimed girl gunged.