Sammie Unleashed: Kiera and Orange Slime

Kiera gunged with orange slime

In this episode of Sammie Unleashed, we let her go on our favorite dark haired cutie Kiera with our signature orange slime.

Sammie has ended up being the subject of a slime and gunge so many times, we took pity on her and gave her a new series where we would find a girl and let Sammie get her good and gunged.

Kiera is one of the sweetest girls we’ve met. She’s the kind of girl you probably shouldn’t let Sammie at with buckets of slime. Key word there: Probably.

Cute girl gunged

Kiera stood up to the deluge like a trooper despite a catastrophic wardrobe malfunction threatening to bare her boobs. Poor Kiera had to keep pulling her strapless dress up as it kept pulling down under the weight of the slime. In the end Kiera gave up turning this into a very sexy topless slime time!

Cute girl dress falls off.

Girl covered in gunge.

Girl covered in slime.