Elle – Busty Redhead Green Slime

It’s been a while since we have had the pleasure of getting our favorite redhead Elle into the studios. This time she is covered in green slime!

We like nothing better than a girl covered in green slime. So what could be better to welcome Ellie back with?¬†Ellie brought a friend with her to the studios, so we asked her nicely to pour slime over her friend. She jumped at the chance. But as long as we promised she wouldn’t be covered in green slime herself.





Ellie giggled and squirmed while she was turned into a properly slimed girl. Her friend showed absolutely no favors though. She particularly enjoyed making sure Ellie ended up with slimed boobs. For good measure she also gave Ellie a fantastic slime facial.


Elle being green slimed




Elle and green slime
Ellie about to have bucket of green slime poured over her head.

Slimed girl Ellie



Just when Ellie thought we had run out of green slime, we found another bucket. Her friend used it well and gave Ellie another perfect green slime facial. She was absolutely loving the chance to destroy her friend with gloop. You can see and hear her delight all the way through the video!


Ellie green slimed by a bucket of slime.




Ellie came to the studios in a cute gingham shirt and a lovely pair of heels. By the time we were done with her, both her and her outfit where dripping with slime. Her cleavage was full of slime. Slime was dripping from her hair. As she stood up we could hear her shoes squelch. Yet still, she couldn’t stop smiling and giggling. That’s why we absolutely adore Ellie.

Her friend had done an incredible job ruining Ellie. So of course we did the decent thing and took her for dinner while poor Ellie tried to clean herself up.


We couldn’t wait to see Ellie again!