Custard Corner: Custard Covered Girls – Meet Scarlet

This week we hop back in our Custard Covered Girls time machine and travel back to 2010, when we met the rather fabulous, Scarlet.

This was back in the day when everything about Custard Corner was over and done with rather quickly. No games, no envelopes, we just covered a girl in custard. Because we love custard covered girls. And we really love Scarlet. A dancer by trade, but today she’s in Custard Corner.

A busty redhead in a bikini is one of our favorite things. The only thing better than that is a busty redhead in a bikini covered in custard!

Custard Covered Girls

Scarlet’s reaction is one of the best we’ve ever seen of our custard covered girls.

She gives a shriek but keeps her head straight and pushes out her boobs in shock. The end result is thick custard in her bright red hair and custard covering her large boobs. Utterly delightful!

As you can see, Scarlet came out of the other side of her custard experience with a big smile on her face. Sitting there, her dancers body in a purple bikini and dripping in custard, the girl is absolutely lovely. That lovely smile and red hair… Hopefully we will see her again.

But wait! Fancy seeing more of Scarlet? MUCH more??
Well you can as we keep the cameras rolling and show you previously unseen footage
in our bonus section: What Happened Next.