Custard Corner: The Return of Frankie (“Clothes or Custard”)

FN196 has been around for a while. Everyone knows that.
So every now and then we like to get back one of the many, many gunged girls
that we enjoyed working with before.


With this in mind we welcome back… Frankie!
Even though this is her THIRD visit, Frankie’s never ever played Clothes or Custard (or Cash)
(least not on her own, and not in it’s current envelope-picking format)


The rules are simple:
7 envelopes;
1 contains a big cash prize, 3 extract an item of clothing, 3  bring on the custard!
The contestant can keep picking envelopes so long as we have custard to pour.


Fortunately for you and me, there’s PLENTY of custard.


Full video available for members to download now!

But wait! She’s not done yet…
Members can see much much more of Frankie
in our bonus What Happened Next section.