Custard Corner – Jen Bailey returns to play Clothes or Custard

Jen Bailey

Glamour Model Jen Bailey returns to Custard Corner, but will she win the cash, lose all her clothes, or get covered in custard?

Jen Bailey picks her first envelope

It’s been almost two years since popular internet glamour model Jen Bailey first paid us a visit here on, but this week she returned to play around round of Clothes or Custard.

Jen Bailey is down to just her bra

The rules of the game are pretty simple: There are seven envelopes. Three tell you to strip. Three get you covered in custard. But one contains a big cash prize!

Players can keep picking envelopes so long as we have custard left to pour.

Jen Bailey is topless

Now, last time Jen was here, she ended up completely naked, and totally gunked… and even more humiliating, walked away with nothing! No wonder she wanted a rematch!

Jen Bailey waiting to be gunged

This time round it seemed like history was destined to repeat itself; eventually we were down to just two envelopes; the final bucket of custard… and the cash.

But which one did she get?

Jen Bailey covered in custard

Full video available for members to download now.

Jen Bailey the Custard Queen

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