Custard Corner: Clothes or Custard (or Cash) – Electric AND Rascal


We’ve done a few two-girl shoots here at Custard Corner,
and they’ve always proved popular.
So when pals ‘Electric’ and ‘Rascal’ expressed an interest,
we couldn’t get them along quick enough!


The thing is, each time we’ve tried playing a two-girl version of Clothes or Custard (or Cash)
it pretty much always ends up in total chaos!
This time however we finally cracked it!


Two girls,
thirteen envelopes,
six items or clothing,
six lots of CUSTARD!
(Oh, and one big cash prize.)
So who won? Electric? Rascal? Does it really matter?


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But wait! There’s more…
Members get to see much much more of both Electric & Rascal
as they squeeze into the shower together.
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