Triple Bill: Classic Vanessa Slimed and Pied in the Face

Vanessa Pied And Slimed

Three classic videos in one hit are now available of adorable Vanessa slimed and taking pies to her pretty face.

We’ve gone deep into the archive to bring you these three awesome classic videos. We completely adore Vanessa. She was a ray of sunshine every time she graced us with her presence. Van also never would shy away from pies or slime, which makes her a heroine in our book.

Vanessa and Green Slime:

First up, Vanessa was treated to buckets of green slime by our merciless host. This was the first time Minnie had visited us. She stripped off to her very cute underwear without prompting and sat straight down. We figured out straight away that classic green gunge would look awesome flowing over her brown hair.

Awesome Vanessa Slimed. This is bucket number one.

Vanessa took a green slime facial.

Vanessa after a bucket of green slime.

Vanessa Pied In The Face:

We wanted to experiment with pies. Thankfully we had Vanessa in the sudio along with our host and Vanessa’s sister. Again, Vanessa stripped to her underwear and showed of her fit body. A pattern was starting emerge. One that we like.

Amy stepped up to deliver the first pie. That wasn’t really a pie. It was a flan filled with custard and cream ready to be delivered into Van’s face. Before Amy could deliver it, Van told us about her 19th birthday and a food fight that erupted. She really knows how to entertain us.

After that, she couldn’t put the custard flan of any longer. The girls mean streaks came out and they both splatted their flans straight at Vanessa at the same time. Makeup, hair and underwear all destroyed at the same time!

The girls didn’t want to stop. Amy stepped up and pushed a custard pie into her face like a pro. Then our host stepped in my a big sloppy pie right to her backside.

Vanessa Slimed In White:

Finally, we have an epic case of Van being white slimed. We don’t need words for this:

Vanessa before she is white slimed.

Vanessa and her white slime.

Vanessa after her white slime.


This video can also be purchased on its own here.