Slimed Girls: Amber Is One Of Our Favorites


Amber is one of our favorite regularly slimed girls. She’s already a favorite here at Gunged Girls, so when she asked for a job we asked her in for a chat.

We love her up-front attitude, sharp tongue, impish sense of fun, and ability to take a bucket of slime on her head. She’ll simultaneously make you feel guilty for picking on her while you hope the slime doesn’t run out too soon. She’s easily one of our favorite slimed girls.

Amber showed up at the studio for an interview. She desperately wanted a permanent position with Given her beauty, brains and enthusiasm for what we do, we of course gave her that chance. Of course we were going to give her a job all the time. However, we milked the situation as much as we could.

Amber told us she was ready to do whatever it takes. When we told her she would have to complete a serious challenge – all the gunge we were able to make that morning. At the same time we interviewed her for the position.

Slimed Girl Amber

Slimed Girls - Amber





Telling us she was prepared to do anything – and that involved getting a little bot saucy. After taking a slime facial, she pulled out her top so Honey could pour slime in her cleavage. Then, to show us she means business she unzipped her top to show off her body and take more slime over her chest.

Amber is definitely up there with the best of the slimed girls.






Next she impressed us by taking some huge pie facials. Our favorite redhead looks amazing cover in slime.







The slime still didn’t stop pouring over her head. Amber didn’t stop talking to us about what she planned to do as a staff member here at Gunge Girls.




With her top undone and covered in thick gloopy slime, you can see why she’s a favorite of ours.