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I Wanna Be Pied By You…Friday, July 20, 2012

It’s not often you come across a impersonator/tribute artist that actually blows you away, let alone one that captures the purest essence of the artists and icons.

As coincidence would have it, a quick poll in the office brought in Marilyn Monroe as the historical icon we would most like to see take a pie in the face. We also happen to know the finest tribute artist to take on Marilyn and persuaded her that this would be a fun thing people would love to see.

So here we have a note perfect rendition of “Happy Birthday” followed by an improvised version of “I Wanna Be Pied By You” to give you a great idea of how one of our most famous cultural icons may have taken on slapstick…

We pied Marilyn Munroe

Pied girl Marilyn

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