Cate’s Messy Podcast Reply – Three Buckets Of Slime

Cate's Messy Podcast Reply - Three Buckets Of Slime

When Cate saw Fi’s video “How To Take A Bucket Of Slime” messy podcast video, she knew she could do it better and messier.

Cate: I’m here today because I have seen a video of Fi showing showing everybody how to take a bucket of slime. Now, I’m very competitive and I do have to say… I think I can do a much better job.

Some girls are naturally competitive, and Cate is one of them. In this extended cut of the free video, Cate thinks she can do a much better job of being slimed than the amazing Fi Stevens in her messy podcast episode. We’ll let you decide, and understand if you take your time and have to rewatch the video a few times.

Cate's Messy Podcast Reply - Three Buckets Of Slime

We’ve met Cate, one of our favorite posh blond girls, several times before, most memorably in a saucy episode of Strip or Slime. That’s why we enjoy dumping buckets of slime over her, and making her giggle. She specifically asked for cake batter slime first, as she loves the sweet smell, and takes two straight over her head.

Girl slimed with cake batter on messy podcast.

Cate showed up wearing a pretty summery halter top, white trousers, and strappy black heels. She wanted to change, but we thought she looked too good just like that. After two buckets of cake batter slime, you’ll agree she looks even better.

Green slimed girl

Fi took two buckets of slime for her video, so Cate naturally wanted to go one better. We lined up two with cake batter, but made sure the third was our finest green game show slime. Also, because Cate is Cate, she wanted to pose out after being slimed and play up to the camera. We would never let a girl down like that, so our camera guy managed to not get too excited and got some great shots of Cate’s amazing body.

This isn’t a long video, but it catches Cate’s personality perfectly, then dumps three buckets of slime over her head!