Two Girls Showering Together

Want to know more about Pebbles and Frankie? Want to know ‘What Happened Next’? We kept our cameras rolling and filmed the two girls showering…

Back in the early days of Custard Corner it didn’t even occur to us that people might want to see two custard covered naked girls showering together (I know that’s hard to believe, but its true).

We used to finish filming the custard sequence and then leave them to it!

Then one happy day we just kind of stuck around, and left the cameras rolling, whilst we handed over towels and shower gel and pointed out which body parts still had custard on them!

That kind of turned into an opportunity to ask the girls questions. Things that we know you guys would probably ask yourselves like: “How many tattoos have you got?” “How many piercings?” “How big are those boobs?” “Are they real?”

That said, two hot girls showering is kind of distracting. We didn’t get around to asking Pebbles any of those questions.

Frankie on the other hand was more forthcoming.

We managed to find out that Frankie’s boobs have indeed got bigger since we last saw them (we had a really good look), and we also checked to see whether she’s had any more tattoos done.

And we asked her whether she’ll be back for a third visit…

Find out what she said, in this video,
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