5 Ways To Pie Someone – Brooke

Brooke before being pied in the face.

There are many ways to pie someone, so once in a while we list our favorites, and invite a pretty lady to help us demonstrate.

When we arrived in the USA, it didn’t take long to meet Brooke. She’s a professional model with a sense of adventure and a sense of humour. Of course, we immediately wanted to pie her. Brooke agreed to come by the studio, and we gave her the rundown on our favorite ways to pie someone.

Ways to pie someone - the pie hat.

Our favorite opener is the pie hat. Of course, it’s more effective on when the recipients hair, like Brookes, has just been styled at a salon. A nice big splat, and your victim  subject knows what a pie feels like, but knows the worst best is yet to come.

Next up is The Twist. Brooke prepared herself for a pie to be pushed into her face, and then given a twist to make sure the pie contents have stuck properly. We like to think of it as an extra twist of humiliation.

How To Pie Someone - The Twist

So far, Brooke is still smiling and we are pleased with the thick Kool Whip pies.

Brooke after being pied in the face.

Next is our assistants favorite. She loves to hand out a Pie And Slide. In one swift movement, the pie is pushed into Brookes face, and slid up and over her head through her hair. This is a pro move, so make sure you find someone to practice on!

Brooke takes a Pie in her Face.

Brooke is pie in the face. Full length view.

The fourth way to pie someone is the classic. Once mastered, it’s the perfect way to pie a girl in the face. The trick is not be too strong with it, but to make sure the pie is traveling fast enough to have an impact. The perfect splat leaves most of the pie on her face, but sprays some cream around the room.

An effective pie in the face.

The crowd pleaser:

Finally, it’s time to really please the crowd with two pies for one face. It’s the legendary Pie Sandwich. Just remember, timing is everything here. You want your subject to have a moment to consider what’s about to happen, but not enough time to be fully prepared.

Take one pie in each hand, stand behind your lady and clap your hands on the side of her head.

Brooke takes a pie sandwich

By now, your favorite person will be a complete mess. And if you are a practical person, you will have prepared extra pies just in case any break or get dropped. Our assistant is a pro, and we are well prepared. We also hate waste…

Pretty Brooke is pied and slimed