Custard Corner – dancer Emma gambles with her dignity to win the big cash prize

This month, everyone’s favourite dancer, Emma, returns to Custard Corner to play clothes or custard. Will she leave with the money and her dignity intact? Or will she – like last time – lose all her clothes and end up naked, covered in custard, and ultimately penniless?

It’s been two and a bit years since we last saw the very tall, the very slender, and the very, very beautiful, dancer Emma. On her last visit she nervously sat in our bath, lost all her clothes, got completely gunged… and failed to win the big cash prize.

Two years later she’s taken a break from her job as a professional dancer and she’s back – to see if her luck has changed.

The rules, in case you haven’t been paying attention, are pretty simple.

There are seven envelopes. Inside each envelope is a slip of paper. Three of those envelopes tell you to lose an items of clothing. Three of those envelopes tell you to sit still whilst we dunk a bucket of custard over your head. But one envelope tells you that you’ve won a BIG CASH PRIZE.

Contestants can keep picking envelopes until either they win the money… or we run out of custard!

So… what happened?

Well as you can see she lost her clothes pretty quickly. Shame. For Emma.

And then she picked a ‘custard’…

But did she get the money??? Or did she, for a second time, walk out of here without a penny to her name?

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